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Conference Papers

The Link to the Subject Matter in Practice
Presentation to the Polish Public Procurement Law Association, 30 March 2021

Pandemic procurement: The good, the bad and the invisible
Third Sector Commissioning Conference
23 February 2021

Collecting, Collating and Sharing Public Procurement Data
Public Sector Procurement Summit, December 2018

Damages as a Remedy in Public Procurement
Irish Centre for European Law Public Procurement Conference, June 2017

Living Wages in Public Contracts Before and After Brexit
University of Nottingham Public Procurement Global Revolution VII, June 2017

University of Copenhagen - Social Procurement under International Trade Agreements

May 2017

OLAF seminar Romania - Conflicts of interest in public procurement
November 2015


Procurement Week Cardiff 2015 - Evidence-based procurement
March 2015

University of Aarhus - Controlling Costs under Framework Agreements
January 2015

University of Oslo - Link to the subject-matter paper
December 2014

Procurement Week Cardiff 2014 - Slides on Socially Responsible Procurement
April 2014

IPPC5 Presentation - Seattle
August 2012

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